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Arboretum at the campus Grifflenberg

The arboretum at the campus Grifflenberg has been enlarged for the third time. During a short walk around the buildings of the University of Wuppertal you can now discover more than 100 different tree species. Almost all important species of Germany and many more decorative trees are represented.

The arboretum is open to all students and members of the university as well as to interested visitors.

Download the flyer (only in German)  here

and start your discovery tour whenever you want to. We wish you a lot of enjoyment!

Tree walk trough Wuppertal Elberfeld

Wuppertal is a green city. This is reflected in the different tree species, which are located at the roadside or in parks. On a tree walk (loop trail) through Wuppertal Elberfeld you can discover numerous tree species.

You can find a flyer (only in german) here