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Botanical guided tour at family party at Weyerbuschturm

The research group has been present at the district party for the young and young at heart around the Weyerbuschturm on 30.08.2015 with two botanical guided tours.

Dr. Antje Wehner showed kids around the park with focus on „trees around the Weyersbuschturm“
and adults „beech grove scrub – plants and their fruits“.

Exhibition "When pollen carrier rings twice" in Botanic Garden Wuppertal - opening saturday 09th May at 11.30

The exhibition for young and old will take place may 9th - 22nd 2015 in the Botanic Garden. Themed „When pollen carrier rings twice“ our research group and the botanic garden Wuppertal present the exciting world of blossom and pollinator in glas house at Elisenplatz. The Exhibition was conceived by biology students in line with a teaching project.

Guided tours daily at 11.30 and 16.30 for adults

Beerallye for kids and classes

More information and announcements here.